Is Living Options Still Relevant?

Into the Noe and Books for couples the and readers so that’s cool same cool but that’s exactly what it is really cool it’s amazing look at the art sorry this videos gonna be long but the is astounds me oh oh gosh I didn’t prepare myself did not prepare myself buddy look at that that is I didn’t even think I didn’t even know oh my gosh the original art for the Es peon Amy and the Umbrella okay and you they were all separately like they were related because I had these three cards in English.

But they are on like some kind-of my temple but I saw you was at the bottom of stairs and just looking at something but I didn’t know he was looking actually at the Umbrella and in the SON I thought was just on a lock somewhere in a forest but actually in the little original art of the original depict I can’t say the word depiction you see the Levee and Es peon in Umbrella together that is gorgeous oh my gosh who takes on the peak that is that it’s amazing alright.

And it’s really cool oh that is blue all right move it on move it on sow have En to stuff here we go have the first it looks like first of interrelationships is don’t remember what air is likest looks different that is really cool like I didn’t know yes I did I didn’t know these cards were connected because you can see I didn’t know Armory was part of our original art though but Knew lugging know we’re together because you could see lugging and part of hole and Lou get down.

Here in hello and then the strawberry I didn’t do pay attention to actually be insane but that is better school that they had the art of all three together and they break break down just like Don Brown fanning we’re gonna be on TV there we goo my gosh look at this magnet hunted super adorable oh here we goo we’re looking at Tony’s cards so the I mean ooh I guess I started designing the card to the October maybe this is when I first released yea hit’s talking about base set so base stand.