How Will Living Options Be In The Future

And so all of was very challenging for me and I’m just telling you my story cuss I want you to know that you know where you are rightness I feel you you know I feel your frustration maybe you work years on job and and then they laid you off and so so you’ve been devastated I feel you maybe your situation wasn’t in my same arena you know a dissolve of a marriages destruction and there’s all go to church maybe that’s not your situation but whatever it is I feel you and what you’re going through because.

I Know it because I felt the same way andin all of I was dealing with my feelings and so I felt the same way that you may have felt before but let me tell you when I found out I found out that there is advancement through adversity Don’t mean to preach but I just want youth know I need you I need you to I need you to be where I was so you could appreciate where I met that’s advancement through adversity even in your life whatever it is you’re going through there’s advancement through adversity where did my advancement.

come in this is where my living options advancement came in I remember this thinking in round august/September a very good friend of mine who happens to now be the business administrator for the harmony Homes corporation she mentioned group home one day in a conversation she was probably ministering to me as I was going through my pain and she mentioned something about going to a group home over Senior living services in Georgia to speak to the young ladies about self-esteem and those two words group homes they just it just marinated with me they stayed with me all night and I remember in the morning Woke up and I had group home echoing in my head so I’ve been getting.

To research and I’m telling you I had listened at that time I had no income very little money saved challenged every month to pay the bills I was bankrupt I was spiritually bankrupt physically Bank mentally bankrupt socially bankrupt I was embarrassed I was persecuted I downbeat I was oh so many emotions that was going through but in the mists of all that that adversity.