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Work down slope so if you want to hold that I got it and you’re planning on getting this Tommy Atkins mango to fruit in this pot well this guy this one is already fruited so you you find that you can get fruit growth health even in the container oh yeah now there’s pros there’s pros and cons to container growing what are some of the pills the pros are that if we have a really nasty winter huh you can move the trees.

inside or to a garage or somewhere where it’s protected right you never have to worry about poles okay you can also contain the sides okay so you don’t have to if you don’t have a lot of space or maybe to a shadier spot when it’s degree though you can you don’t need to worry about micro climate because you’re going to move it around the yard when needed oh and if you’re keeping your trees contained in size you can have more varieties in your yard right instead of having one mango tree maybe you can have ten in containers have different.

rocket Ming yeah what are some of the cons the cons would be you need to be more diligent about sticking to a feeding schedule that when a tree is in a pot it’s relying on you for food and water okay it cannot access fruit in the soil so you got to be organized you have to be organized you have to try write it down stick to a schedule yeah they’re waiting on you for food right so you really need to be dialed in with him feeding and once a month with this or what have you it’s very good for a doctor who’s used to a schedule and very dependable.

engineers you know COD you know all of that so and then we’re going to add a little bit more than one patent on top Brett okay this here is a two to three hundred dollar tree so I’m not going to worry about adding ten dollars worth of amendments you know write appropriate I’m not going to add ten dollars with the worm castings to a five dollar.