Biggest Contribution Of Optometry Practice Management To Humanity

Everyone really privileged to have dr.Richard sewed in here he’s a friend supporter of Tommy sure students calm but also very influential person in the world of coding and billing and optometry very well-respected and of course a very influential person here sunhat optometry college we’re here for-you guys we’re trying to deliver you something that’s really not out there something that’s hard to find bring you something that usually comes in learning on learning on the job and bring it to you in video.

Format so we’re really excited for that we hope everyone likest and check out the video coding isn’t doing is important because it is significant source of income revenue for young students going into practice so Think the first step is to talk optometry practice management about different coding policies different coding arenas the first thing misdiagnoses patients come in with symptoms examinations lead to diagnosis and diagnosis.

lead to lead to optometry practice valuation specific codes so there is separate coating processes that are really really important the first is to understand that there are diagnostic college and that’s called the International classification of diseases it’s currently I CD we’re in the ninth edition of it right now diagnostic codes do not have fees associated with them they do not have dates of service associated.

with them they just have airport of what the patient symptom was or the diagnosis was there’s a coding principle that specifically says that when you code a case you code for what you find during the examination and what your ultimate diagnosis is if there is no ultimate diagnosis than you use patient symptom the other series opcodes that we have a called procedural codes and that’s currently PCT current procedural terminology gee optometry basically uses the examination codes and some of the surgical.

codes within that book we do occasionally use the codes in radiology section for procedures I ultrasound and the chemistry but the basis of what wed are in the or in the examination and procedural portion of that book procedures have dates of services associated with them fees associated with.